Advantages And Disadvantages Of Petrol Lawn Mowers

There are three major types of lawn mowers that use petrol: cylinder mowers, reel mowers, and rotary mowers. Although there are issues associated with equipment, which runs on petrol, the mowers continue to be ideal for landscape professionals and gardeners. Ensure you choose the best petrol lawn mower. There are many reasons for this and high efficiency is one of the reasons.



vedf6chgw3ed7f38222Another important advantage of lawn mowers which run on petrol is freedom of movement. The fact that they are not electric means that they are not tied by any cord. They are quite easy to move from one area to another. This is quite important for the large sized lawns, which have the flexibility of the cordless lawn mower.


Another reason why the mowers are in high demand is that of their reliability. Although they need routine maintenance, it is possible to use them for many years to come without replacing them. The fact that they are ideal for heavy use means that they are more powerful as compared to their electrical counterparts. This explains why many professional gardeners and landscapers are loyal to them.


Petrol lawn mowers are available in a broad range of sizes and brands. In fact, the variety is a great incentive for buying them. This is because they are relatively pricier as compared to other lawns. However, it is one for every lawn. You need to find the right size and brand. The broad range of choice explains why they are a favorite among many people.


Cost of petrol

t2gw3edfc5gwed6u22This is one of the main disadvantages of these petrol lawn mowers. The prices for petrol keep on increasing with each day. Also, they have a problem of moving around tight edges and corners. Noise from such lawn mowers ought to be considered since they are noisier than their electric counterparts. Fortunately, benefits of these mowers outweigh the disadvantages. You will find that they are easy to use with less energy. Also, they are very fast that makes them mow in less time.

You should note that petrol lawn mowers require routine servicing and maintenance. Moreover, you may need to replace some parts to ensure that your lawn mower is in top condition. Proper maintenance is necessary to ensure that your mower lasts for many years. Ensure you choose one that is both durable and reliable.